The slickest suites at Sea

Even the hard-to-impress will be wowed by these super-swanky rooms

If you’re like us, you get slightly seasick at the idea of spending a week inside a tiny cruise-ship cabin, with those tacky round portholes and bunk beds with lumpy mattresses. OK, maybe they’re not like that anymore, but we’d rather not take chances.

When we set sail, we’d much prefer, say, a private butler at our disposal. Or a private terrace large enough to ballroom-dance upon. Many of the better cruise lines now have at least one truly impressive suite onboard, the kind of room that would wow you even if you found it in a swank hotel. Some suites are a good bang for the buck, others cost a whole lot of bucks—but you won’t feel cramped in any of them.

And if you want to see what you’re missing by not booking a crowded little cabin, you can always lock yourself in the walk-in closet.



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