This is Tel Aviv (I LOVE Tel Aviv!!!)

*This is a recent article published in Enroute Magazine about Israel.
I loved Tel Aviv, and would go back in a heartbeat to spend more time and explore this wonderful city!!” – James, World Travel Warehouse*

Israel’s metropolis is one of the world’s great beach cities. And party towns. And design centres. Really.

By Amy Rosen (Enroute Magazine)
Photos by Margaret Mulligan

I’ve been here before. It’s not a case of déjà vu; I’ve actually been right here in this exact sandy spot. Everything in Tel Aviv may be changing around me, but this much I remember for certain.
It’s the area just before Old Jaffa, where the silky and sun-drenched beaches become a little bit cliffy and the usual warm liquid embrace of the Mediterranean turns a little more churny. You’re not supposed to swim here. There are signs in Hebrew with big red circles and diagonal lines through them that say so. No lifeguards are on duty, and the undertow is dangerous. Which is precisely why people come here to surf. Not because it’s dangerous but because of the waves. This is where the Mediterranean comes to die. And it’s also where, after swallowing 20 litres of sea water that day, I finally stood up on the surfboard and rode my very first wave. This is the place where, over a decade ago, my Israeli boyfriend taught me how to surf.

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