Best Cruises for Seniors

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What exactly is it that seniors want in a cruise?

We want a comfortable experience. We love to visit several ports without the hassles of having to pack and unpack at different hotels in different cities. And we want to be pampered a little bit more—with good food and service, great entertainment and activities, and a good value for our vacation dollars.

Many of us look for stimulating enrichment programs as food for our minds while we seek menus with healthy selections for our bodies. Despite popular notions, there are actually a slew of us seniors out there who aren’t crotchety busy bodies; instead we like to be active, and we’d prefer to learn about the culture of the Asian port at which we are about to dock or take those tango lessons before we actually land in Argentina.

Perhaps more so than the majority of travelers, some of us have accessibility issues. In this regard, ships built in the last half dozen years generally follow Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommendations for passengers with mobility problems. Some lines go the extra mile when it comes to accessibility; two examples are Holland America’s wheelchair-accessible tender transfer system and Royal Caribbean’s hydraulic pool chairs that enable passengers with mobility issues to use the swimming pool.


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