5 things you must consider before cruising

Here’s what to consider when selecting your cruise.By Anita Dunham-PotterTravel columnist MSNBC Newsupdated 9:20 a.m. ET Oct. 20, 2008 It’s a blissful thought: sailing off into the sunset on a cruise vacation. Cruising can be an exciting and affordable vacation option. Of course, it’s important to find the right cruise at the right price forContinue reading “5 things you must consider before cruising”

The Truth About Consolidator Fares: Part Two

Like Unicorns (or in these trying times, a bank you can trust) consolidator fares are elusive, precious items that can offer a traveler great savings. Airfarewatchdog.com has taken the time to track down the facts about these airline special offers. In the first installment, we learned they were created to ensure flights sold out, butContinue reading “The Truth About Consolidator Fares: Part Two”

The Truth About Consolidator Fares: Part One

They’re elusive. The airlines don’t like to talk about them (we asked). And determining their legitimacy from among the myriad websites that claim to specialize in them is a Herculean task. We’re talking about consolidator fares, those secret airfares the airlines release in limited “buckets” to companies that re-sell them for big discounts. Yes, theyContinue reading “The Truth About Consolidator Fares: Part One”

Searching for Cruising’s Best Bargains

Smartertravel.comby Erica Silverstein, Cruise Critic – December 9, 2008 Predicting where—and when—the savvy cruise shopper is most likely to find that dirt-cheap seven-day Caribbean cruise, the usually elusive five-category upgrade or a truly generous onboard credit perk requires a crystal ball. And while travel agents can’t see into the future of cruise deals, they doContinue reading “Searching for Cruising’s Best Bargains”

9 Money-Saving Travel Tips

From January 2009By Elizabeth Bailey, Geraldine Campbell and Yolanda Crous This may be a year of tightening belts and minding budgets, but for travelers, it’s a buyer’s market. Here, T+L’s tip sheet for navigating the new travel landscape. 1. Score Hotel Perks and DealsIn an effort to increase their bookings, hotels worldwide are offering travelersContinue reading “9 Money-Saving Travel Tips”

Hotel Review: Alzer Boutique Hotel vs. Lady Diana – Istanbul, Turkey

I had the opportunity to stay in the quaint hotel Alzer Hotel, just behind the Hippodrome in Sultanahmet in 2007. It was not my first choice, (more about that later) but I’m glad I was switched. This hotel is located just up the hill from Hippodrome/Egyptian Obelisk area, which is located right next to theContinue reading “Hotel Review: Alzer Boutique Hotel vs. Lady Diana – Istanbul, Turkey”

When to call a travel agent

MORE FOR YOUR MONEYWhen to call a travel agentBy Jane Engle 07:01 PM PST, December 06, 2008 Even though I’m a travel writer, I sometimes use a travel agent. His savvy advice and careful research save me time and money. Like any professional, he charges fees. It makes sense. “You wouldn’t walk into a lawyer’sContinue reading “When to call a travel agent”

No Place Dazzles quite like Venice

Conde Nast Traveler No place dazzles quite like Venice—and there’s no guide more versed in its treasures than the city’s premier historian, John Julius Norwich I was lucky; I first arrived in Venice by train. It was in the summer of 1946, a week or so short of my seventeenth birthday. My parents and IContinue reading “No Place Dazzles quite like Venice”