Planning a Family Cruise

Planning a family cruise
By Arline and Sam Bleecker | Special to the Tribune
November 30, 2008

You might, like us, wonder if sailing over the blue horizon as a family group is a good idea, especially as the holidays near.

Earlier this year, we weighed the advantages of holding a family gathering at sea versus, say, a week at a land resort or mountain retreat. There was much to consider, including cost. We are an aging group of four couples—sisters, brothers and their spouses—all sixtysomethings or older, each with diverse interests and physical limitations to consider.

It had been years since all of us had spent that much time cheek by jowl. A friend had once tried to assemble a family reunion for as many couples and remarked that the effort nearly turned her hair gray trying to meet everyone’s needs.

In our family, for instance, one member is an amateur singer, gregariously funny, with a 9-to-5 job from which she really needed a vacation. One member of the group loves to golf, while others love to read and relax. Yet another and her husband deal with disabilities that make getting around difficult.

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