Hotel Review: Alzer Boutique Hotel vs. Lady Diana – Istanbul, Turkey

I had the opportunity to stay in the quaint hotel Alzer Hotel, just behind the Hippodrome in Sultanahmet in 2007.

It was not my first choice, (more about that later) but I’m glad I was switched.

This hotel is located just up the hill from Hippodrome/Egyptian Obelisk area, which is located right next to the Blue Mosque – it is an excellent location, with many restaurants and shopping venues located within close walking distance.Grand Bazaar is approximately a 15 minute walk.

We arrived in Istanbul prepared to stay at another hotel – the Lady Diana, however upon check-in the reception at Lady Diana noted someone had an “accident” in our room, and the room holders could not depart on time, so we had no room to stay in. This is when the people at Lady Diana Hotel “walked us” down to the Alzer Hotel where we stayed for the next 3 nights. In some cases “being walked” (to another hotel) can be to your advantage (if you’re upgraded), but by all means make a fuss if you are being downgraded!!

The Alzer Hotel is very nicely decorated and very clean (perhaps better even than the Diana Hotel). As well, the Alzer Hotel has a restaurant directly downstairs from the hotel (you actually have to walk through the restaurant to get into the hotel lobby). I would comfortably recommend the Alzer Hotel in Istanbul to anyone looking for an affordable ($150-$200 a night) range property.

Some service notes:
– when we were checking out we asked if we could have a late checkout at 2:00pm but they said they couldn’t accommodate us (ok, understandable).
– when I asked for a receipt for my stay, and the desk clerk told me I’d have to get it from my travel agency. I told him I WAS the travel agency and he said (with shrug of shoulders), “Sorry.”
– Lady Diana reception said they would offer some meal vouchers for the inconvenience of having to move, this did not happen.I’ve stayed at hundreds of hotels around the world, and well over 40 in Istanbul alone. I would NOT recommend the Lady Diana hotel simply based on their uncaring attitude. However, the Alzer hotel, just 3 minutes walk away, WOULD get a recommendation from our agency as a place to stay. Alzer Hotel has great views of Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque from their rooftop restaurant.

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