Month: January 2009

Best Affordable All-Inclusives

11 all-inclusive beach resorts that deliver surprising luxury, service, and cuisine at an affordable (and predictable) price.From February 2009By Ann Shields | Travel + Leisure With a little shopping around, the convenience and perks of an all-inclusive vacation can be had at a great price (from as low as $120 per person per night at…

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Choose your perfect cruise

How to find the trip that floats your boatmsnbc Travel By Adam McCulloch updated 11:19 a.m. ET Sept. 26, 2008“Cruise ships used to be for the newlywed or nearly dead,” quips Carolyn Spencer-Brown, Editor in Chief of, an authority on the cruise ship industry. For years these floating clichés offered bingo, buffets and boredom…

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36 Hours in Reykjavik, Iceland

NY Times TravelBy FRANK BRUNIPublished: January 11, 2009 A chattering woman on a barstool near mine swirls her screwdriver as if it were cabernet sauvignon, not seeming to notice the waves of orange liquid crashing over the rim. A cackling woman in a strapless black dress and a red Santa cap whirls by, glancing over…

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