Top 10 Europe Cruise Ports

Smarter Travelby Carolyn Spencer Brown, Cruise Critic – July 28, 2009 From Rome to Stockholm, Venice to Brugge, our sister site Cruise Critic’s European Hot List offers an opinionated take on the best of the best of Europe’s most fabulous ports. What are your favorites? Scroll down to the comments section and tell us aboutContinue reading “Top 10 Europe Cruise Ports”

Meatless in Paris: Dining for vegetarian visitors

By JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press Writer Jenny Barchfield, Associated Press Writer – Sat Jul 18, 3:20 pm ET PARIS – Cote de boeuf, foie gras, escargot. French cuisine is hardly the stuff of vegetarians’ dreams. In Paris restaurants, vegetarians often are met with looks of pity, headshaking incomprehension, even snorts of disgust. Eating out canContinue reading “Meatless in Paris: Dining for vegetarian visitors”

Trips Get Canceled, So Beware

The New York Times Travel Section By MICHELLE HIGGINSPublished: July 12, 2009 As tour operators cancel trips amid soft bookings, travelers are paying the price. But it’s possible to avoid getting stiffed if you understand the system. Operators set dates and prices as much as 18 months ahead so they can be printed in brochures.Continue reading “Trips Get Canceled, So Beware”