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Now that nearly every airline is charging baggage fees, the best way to pack a bag seems to be an ongoing debate.

In today’s Business Travel special section, Christine Negroni reports on packing tips from the pros, including how to pack for a 10-day vacation in a carry-on.

The Practical Traveler also found that it’s possible to pack light with tips from road warriors who never check a bag, and the Frugal Traveler suggests using vacuum packing bags to make the most of a small carry-on.

Here at In Transit, we have a number of packing tips of our own. Share your tips below.

Allison Busacca: I once packed for a 21-day trip in one carry-on bag. I generally start with a packing list and lay everything out a few days in advance. Every day, take something away or find an item of clothing that you can wear a few times. I always make sure to pack layers, and I stick to one color scheme, with a lot of basics, so that everything is interchangeable.

Dan Saltzstein: I’m not a particularly good packer (though I have adopted the rolling technique mentioned in Ms. Negroni’s article). That said, I don’t think I’ve checked a bag over my last dozen or so flights — and that includes at least one two-week trip. How? I use a medium-size backpack with an attached day pack that zips off. The straps of the backpack can be zipped away, which I do just before boarding. Then the day pack comes off and goes under the seat; the remainder of the backpack goes in the overhead compartment. Works like a charm.

Denny Lee: I’m a firm believer in packing at the last moment, because the more you wait, the less you bring — and no one ever complains about underpacking. How do I remind myself to pack everything? As a check list, I point at my toes and go up from there, making sure all my body parts are covered. Trickier are all those cords and chargers for our gadgets. I keep a travel set in a Ziploc bag, so it’s always ready to go.

What are your packing secrets?

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