Hotel Review: Hotel Next2 – Istanbul Turkey

by World Travel Warehouse on April 24, 2011

Hotel Review – Next2 Hotel, Taksim area (off Istiklal)

As a travel agency owner, I have an opportunity to stay in many hotels – some good, and some not so good, but no matter how good or poor a place is, service always makes a difference.
Entrance to Hotel Next2, Istanbul

At Hotel Next2 in Istanbul, I stayed in an A Suite (no kitchenette) and it suited my needs perfectly as I am try to enjoy local Turkish dining every chance I have. With breakfast included in daily rates, there was no need to bring groceries in. The B Suites  (with kitchenettes) are even nicer than the A, and the A were extremely nice!

Another nice feature of these rooms is the addition of an extra room (great for families) with extra bedding in the separate room. This room also has a small table for those times you do decide to eat in.
Hotel Next2 is in a great location just minutes off Istiklal Avenue near Taksim Square in Istanbul (new city side) – Beyoglu. The hotel is rated as a 4.5* overall, and I can comfortably say this meets that standard easily in terms of cleanliness, location, amenities and service.

It’s also right next door to a police station (for those who are security conscious), just a 2 minute walk off Istiklal Ave. with the beauty of being close to the action, without any of the noise.

The people who run this property were extremely friendly, as all Turkish people are known to be. Extremely efficient and courteous, the team of Faruk, Khan, Sabri, Sennur, Kasim and everyone else who work SO hard to make this hotel Next2 and 5Oda successful – do a perfect job. They always treat you like friends, never “clients” of the hotel, and the hand-made breakfasts every morning are such a nice touch!
Bright & Airy Breakfast room

The Suites with kitchen were also as neat as a pin and comfortable as you can see from the pictures below.

Kitchen area from Suite B

On the whole I would comfortably recommend either of these properties to any of my Istanbul bound clientele.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.
World Travel Warehouse

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