Easter Island, Chile

For everyone that has been bitten by the travel bug, there are dream destinations that each person desires to see, their “Bucket List” or top ‘must-see’ places that we yearn for. One of mine, has always been Easter Island. 

Anakena Moai, Chile Anakena Beach, Easter Island


Anakena beach, Easter Island Anakena Beach, South Pacific Ocean

I was fortunate enough to take the journey to Easter Island in 2013, as part of a 6-week sojourn through South America.  

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) will certainly enchant anyone interested in its history, the Moai and ahus and motus, and for even the most well-worn traveller, the fact that Easter Island “is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands,” saying you’ve been to Easter Island is a great travel accomplishment to add to our bucketlists.


Easter Island Heading to Easter Island, one of my happiest flight maps


Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui is about a 5 & 1/2 hour flight from Santiago de Chile, at flight prices varying from $500-$1500/pp depending on dates of travel. 

The island itself boasts almost 900 heads, some are standing and some have fallen, but each quarry and ahu is more interesting and unique than the last!


We highly recommend renting a car (or bicycle) to go around to see all the various archeological sites at your own pace, but be warned the terrain is covered in small volcanoes, and therefore somewhat hilly.

The drive is very easy, cars/traffic are not numerous (though tour buses are), and of course you can also rent a taxi cab to take you around to the different spots. Self-drive is always my choice, if available.

Car rental was not cheap by any means (nothing is extremely low priced when you look at having to transport goods to such a remote location), but it was not prohibitive in cost either. I believe the daily rate for a small car was roughly $75USD + petrol.

The roads allow for very easy driving, and you can come snd go at your own pace, staying longer at the more interesting locations, or zipping out of the less interesting ones.

This is a fantastic source of information on just about everything Easter Island: http://wikitravel.org/en/Easter_Island

If you would like our assistance planning your travels to this beautiful, exotic, and remote location, please feel free to contact us! We love what we do!

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