“Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” The Principles of Warren Buffett

In the travel industry, many people contact travel companies randomly for price quotes, after finding a number in the phone book, or online. 

Before even getting my welcome message out of my mouth, I’m interrupted with – “I want your best price!” Well, I can give you the lowest price on anything, but most times I won’t. Do you know why? And no, it’s not because I want to rip you off (I honestly thought a lot of travel agents just did whatever makes them the most money – before  I got into this business). The reason I don’t give ONLY the best price is because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you spend $35 more (for example) for a certain flight, it will save you 3 hours extra travel and connection time. Of course, I’ll give you the choice of more connections and layovers which is AT the best price, but not once in our 10 years in business, and thousands of flight bookings, has anyone ever said yes, I’d rather save the $35 and spend longer traveling and in airports sitting around. 

It’s all about value! You value your time, and you value your hard earned dollar, and we give the same respect to each and every one of our clients, but we will ALWAYS make the recommendation to you of the choice that provides the greatest ‘value’ and not always is the lowest price the ‘best’ – consider what you value and contact us any time for a travel professional that values your needs as much as you do.

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