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Valparaiso or Viña del Mar, Chile

The downtown core of Valparaiso, Chile

A number of years back, we had a great group of travellers who completed a multi-country South American tour. Our group commenced with a superb land tour all over Peru, including the famed Machu Picchu, followed by a cruise, from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires. Some of our group even went on to Brazil and Easter Island! What an exciting extended period of time this was in South America!

While in Chile, waiting for the cruise to commence, we had the unique good fortune to be able to experience both Valparaiso and the Viña del Mar, distinct and beautiful coastline cities in Central Chile.

Viña del Mar Coastline
Amazing coastline of Viña del Mar (can you see the people sitting out there)?
The lovely Viña Del Mar Hotel and Casino
The Viña coastline at night

Both cities are spectacular, but different!

We loved the colour of this house…
… but were even more amazed to see the “other” side of the house, it looks like it’s hanging off the hill!
Riding the funicular down to lower street levels
Reloj de Flores (Flower Clock)
between Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar, a fully functioning clock which was originally completed for the 1962 World Soccer Cup.

Valparaiso is located about 15-20 minute drive south, along the coast, from Viña del Mar.

Driving time between Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

For those that like to see the older parts of a city, I would recommend staying in Valparaiso, or “Valpo” as locals refer to it, has a very “boho” (bohemian) ambiance, and seems certainly more culturally interesting than its glitzy, glamorous northern sister, Viña.

Street Art in Valparaiso
Overlooking the hills of Valpo
Artists working as they overlook the city of Valparaiso
Streets of Valparaiso
Crazy, eclectic little restaurant in the hills of Valparaiso
Inside the Funicular Villanelo in the hills of Viña del Mar, Chile

We hope you take the time to visit either Valpo, or Vina on your way through beautiful Chile!

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