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For our female travel junkies, have you ever purchased a travel bag, day bag, or backpack and realized it’s pretty ‘rugged’? Or as a female executive, wanted something a little more stylish than what is usually available in the marketplace?

Certainly there’s nothing worse than realizing your great new travel purse you completely love … is not ‘quite’ big enough to fit all your gear you want to take onboard? Or on your day trip!

Some friends of World Travel WH + Tours have designed and created a versatile backpack/day bag, and we really think it’s a great fashion piece as well. The price point is reasonable for the quality of the product!

Kim Hickman & Katie Thompson – founders of Diosa Designs

At Diosa Designs – We carry each other.

From the creators of Diosa Designs: “We’re the co-founders of DIOSA Designs, and creators of the Maya – a stylish, versatile collection of bags and accessories designed for women by women.

As a mother and daughter duo, social entrepreneurs, and avid travellers, we were both looking for a multi-purpose bag that could empower dynamic women around the world. We designed the Maya to carry you through your day – no matter what that looks like.

The name DIOSA was inspired by our work with Mayan women in Guatemala. We’ve travelled there many times and it’s a very special place to us.”

The look of this bag is luxurious, but carries a reasonable price tag.

From the Diosa Designs website: “Women carry the world on their shoulders – every single day. We carry careers, families, businesses, and communities. We carry each other as we journey to achieve health and wellness goals, personal success, equality, and change. Maya transforms to carry you confidently through every situation.”

The “Maya” travel bag – elegant, sophisticated, and not unreasonably priced!

If this looks and sounds like a travel bag that needs to be with you at all times, why not jump on board?! We have and can’t wait to start using our new bag once delivered! 🙌🏻🌍🗿✈️🎒

Join us and treat yourself to this brand new travel bag! (And hey, consider all the money you’ve saved NOT travelling this year). You deserve it!

Order yours today!

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