India: Rags to Riches, and everything in between!

The exquisite, Taj Mahal…

Ahh India, what an experience you’ve always been. On two separate visits to India, thus far, I’ve witnessed some of the most abject poverty I’ve ever seen, and I’ve witnessed some of the most opulent riches.

India is a diverse and interesting country (sub-continent, some would say) with lush forested regions in the south, and busy, chaotic cities in the north. Regardless of the areas you choose to visit in India, you will encounter friendly faces, amazing food, diverse socio-economic standards than you are used to, and a requirement to embrace the good with the bad, similar to any country you may visit!

Southern India
The streets of Jaipur

Cows are considered a holy animal in India, and as you drive through the cities, you will frequently see many cows roaming the streets freely. Not only will you see the holy cows, but of course where there are cows, there is cow dung! Be prepared for this reality.

Holy Gai! (Holy Cow)! 😁

I’m not going to lie, I find it a culture shock each time I’ve travelled to India, but once you get past the initial grumblings in your belly, and dig deeper, you will begin to witness all the beauty, joy, life and death that encapsulates travel to, and existence in, Incredible India!

Sunrise over the Ganges

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