Memories, on FB… become posts about South America

If you’re one of the over 2.8 billion users of Facebook, whether you love it or hate it, it does one thing incredibly well, and that’s the memories segment.

The streets of Santiago, Chile

Invariably I’ve found that the Memories component leaves me looking with fondness and good memories, and really, who saves bad memories?!

I was delivered back in time today, when a Facebook memory took me back to recollect the 6-week journey we completed in 2013, all over South America. We had the great fortune to visit Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, as well as the Falkland Islands and Easter Island during this trip. These Facebook memories can really pull at your heartstrings, or trip-strings, as the case may be. 😄

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

This journey to numerous South American countries started in Lima/Peru, where one group of our friends, family and clients all took part in a fantastic all-inclusive & very comprehensive 12-day tour where we traversed all over Peru.

The incredible … Machu Picchu.

If the Peruvian segment of South America wasn’t amazing enough, we followed this country tour with another group of travellers meeting us for a 14-day South American circumnavigation cruise, which started out from Santiago de Chile, (and some of our group stayed in Valparaiso or Vina del Mar – Chile). <~ That’s a different post 🙂

Valpo, Chile

The South American cruise travelled alllllll the way down around Cape Horn, then out past the Falkland Islands, and onwards up to Buenos Aires. We saw LOTS AND LOTS of penguins during this cruise, as well as innumerable other sights and events.

King Penguins in Punta Arenas
King Penguin with its baby underneath
Star Princess

This Star Princess cruise sailed from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires (it also runs the reverse route), and is one of the most popular cruises in the South American region, aside from the Antarctic expeditions which cater to another group of adventurers altogether.

Amalia Glacier in Southern Chile

I’ll admit, though, there were a few of us that would have liked to get to the Antarctic peninsula, but the seas & skies were simply too rough to allow for it during this cruise. These things happen during invigorating journeys to distant lands. Sometimes the weather gods just do not look upon your travel plans with good favour.

The ports of call visited during a South American cruise are varied and exceptional, and I really do recommend that you not miss any of them, even if it’s just to go into the towns and watch Flamenco dancers practice in the local shops – yes, it does happen!

Dancers practicing in Puerto Madryn
T’was a rainy day in Puerto Madryn

In between these two group tours, we filled in our days by visiting different places on day tours, or multi-day tours.

Some people stayed in Chile, while others ventured to “nearby” locations! Our motto is … if “we’re in the neighborhood” then we might as well visit some of the destinations we are interested in, that are geographically in close proximity.

Our “close-by” destination of choice was Easter Island. Yes, we couldn’t find anything closer than 2,200mi/3,540kms away! However, it’s worth it – if you like remote, peaceful, rugged, natural terrain. Easter Island is simply beautiful in all its natural beauty.

Easter Island Motus

If you are looking for a lively nightlife scene, shopping, and lots of things to keep yourself occupied, Easter Island may not be the best destination for you. 🙃

Anakena Beach, Easter Island

Some of the rando’ Moa you’ll find as you drive around E.I. are pictured above.

Let’s not forget the Chilean wine!

There is soooooo much more to this South American travel story, so if you’re looking for ideas about either of the components (Peru land tour, or South American cruises) or our professional input on the areas travelled (Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil), please feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our travel experiences with you!

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Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to helping you plan a dream trip soon!

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