Visit Bordeaux to see where the wines come from

By ERIC RISBERGAssociated Press Writer Eric Risberg, Associated Press Writer– Tue Jun 22, 12:54 pm ET BARSAC, France – There’s something noble about Bordeaux wines, and it’s not just the proud heritage of their 100-year-old vines, their prominent place in viticulture history, or their world-renowned quality.It’s also the “noble rot” responsible for creating some ofContinue reading “Visit Bordeaux to see where the wines come from”

Long-term travel: Starting a 75-day journey

In honour of the Rugby World Cup 2007, we’re doing a blow-out itinerary that will last 75 days, and not sure if we’ll kill each other or enjoy it thoroughly. We will be travelling from September 1 to November 15, 2007 and visiting 13 countries and countless cities along the way. Pray to god we’reContinue reading “Long-term travel: Starting a 75-day journey”