Greek Island Hopping

As Greece Vacation specialists, we’ve done Greek Island hopping itineraries in many different ways, from all-inclusive cruises between the islands, to ferries and multi-day island stays in numerous islands. Each of the different Greek Island Hopping types of itineraries offers a different pace, and a different value for each traveler. We work with you to … More Greek Island Hopping

Travelers opting for Turkey over Greece

North American and other travelers are voting with their flip-flops and tennis shoes for Turkey over troubled Greece, one of the world’s top 20 tourist destinations, according to media reports.That development comes despite Greek hotels slashing prices and scaling back staffs in a bid to recover from TV images of street riots.“That is bad news … More Travelers opting for Turkey over Greece

Kayaking around Crete

Paddlers arrive at their final kayak destination, the small harbor of Loutro. (Nature Maniacs) Paddling around Greece’s largest island rewards aching arms and torso with bath-water warm seas, pristine beaches and a lesson in the region’s ancient roots. By Heidi Fuller-Love Special to the Los Angeles Times July 4, 2010 Reporting from Palaiochora, Crete —— … More Kayaking around Crete