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A Food Lover’s Tour of Istanbul

Los Angeles Times – Travel Section Istanbul, TurkeyHere come the mezes: minted, garlicky yogurt, dusky roasted eggplant salad. A waiter presents them on a huge tray: glistening artichoke crowns, a spread of ground walnuts and sweet red peppers. And wait, how about that beautiful mushroom salad spiked with scallions?The glow of a late-summer sunset floods…

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Istiklal Avenue – Istanbul Turkey

It’s 2007.  This is my 2nd visit to the amazing city of Istanbul. I figure this is the time I’ll get to check out “that street” I wondered about since my first visit in 2005. I’ve learned “that street” is called İstiklâl Caddesi, or Independence Avenue, and located in the district of Istanbul known as Beyoğlu. (To me, Beyoğlu translates from Turkish to English as…”fun…

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