Five Ways to Avoid Theft on Vacation –

Luckily we’ve never encountered any crime or pick-pocketing in ANY of our travels. Want a packing list? Contact us, and we will send you one“Once I was in the Middle East, and walking in a city with a colleague,” says Craig Bidois, principal consultant, Fear Free, a New Zealand-based security and safety management firm. “AContinue reading “Five Ways to Avoid Theft on Vacation –”

Taxi tips for travelers – Europe –

By Rick Steves Tribune Media Services updated 2/1/2010 4:50:00 When people ask me about the scariest situation I’ve ever been in, I think back to a taxi ride I took to the Moscow airport in the early ’90s. A no-neck guy who looked like a classic Russian mafia thug picked me up in a beat-upContinue reading “Taxi tips for travelers – Europe –”

Avoid Cruise Travel Scams to Save Time, Money, and Hassle –

Those slick TV ads can make a cruise look like the “dream come true” experience of a lifetime. And a cruise can, in fact, be a wonderful experience. But sometimes that experience morphs from dream to disaster. A cruise is both a means of transportation and a destination resort with its own passport requirements. AsContinue reading “Avoid Cruise Travel Scams to Save Time, Money, and Hassle –”

Walking down: 5 tips for avoiding the latest hotel scam

Tripso by Christopher Elliott Jack Taras and his friends thought they would be checking in to the Occidental Grand hotel on the Dominican Republic’s postcard-perfect Eastern shore for Spring Break. But when Taras, a 19-year-old sophomore from Providence College, arrived at the resort, he was greeted with the hotel industry’s latest trick: he was “walkedContinue reading “Walking down: 5 tips for avoiding the latest hotel scam”

You aren’t a travel agent

by Lisa Kadane, Calgary Herald So, you think you’re a travel agent? You’ve got a computer, high-speed Internet and a burgeoning library of websites that promise the best deals on airfares and accommodations, from to Plus, you googled “African safari” and found a slick site selling off Big 5 tours for next toContinue reading “You aren’t a travel agent”