Next Stop: In Turkey, Sunlight and Enlightenment

Candace Feit for The New York Times Mountains above the Kabak Valley fall to the Mediterranean. By LYDIA POLGREENPublished: June 24, 2010  TO find the Kabak Valley, drive east along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Park your car when the pavement runs out, and walk (or hitch a ride on a truck) to a portal to anotherContinue reading “Next Stop: In Turkey, Sunlight and Enlightenment”

Western Turkey by Train (and ferry)

By Peter Kupfer Special to the Los Angeles Times June 20, 2010   Reporting from Istanbul— It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time: touring Turkey by train. Turkey was at the top of my list of countries I had yet to conquer, and trains have long been my favorite mode of transportation. ConjuringContinue reading “Western Turkey by Train (and ferry)”

Cappadocia, Turkey, Travel Guide, Cave Hotels

Terrain for a niche movement May 2, 2010.Raja Shehadeh marvels at the life early Christians carved for themselves in the rocks of Cappadocia. Staying in a cave hotel in Urgup in Cappadocia, I find I am having dreams that are deeper and more subterranean than usual. All night I seem to be excavating the past.Continue reading “Cappadocia, Turkey, Travel Guide, Cave Hotels”

Turkey 2010: summer holiday booking guide

Tourism in Turkey is booming, with more options than ever for 2010. Sophie Butler looks at the deals on offer for the country’s good-value, smaller-size resorts. Turkey had a boom holiday season last year. Perceived as a good-value shelter from the soaring euro, and with a big choice of package holidays that included flights andContinue reading “Turkey 2010: summer holiday booking guide”

A Food Lover’s Tour of Istanbul

Los Angeles Times – Travel Section Istanbul, TurkeyHere come the mezes: minted, garlicky yogurt, dusky roasted eggplant salad. A waiter presents them on a huge tray: glistening artichoke crowns, a spread of ground walnuts and sweet red peppers. And wait, how about that beautiful mushroom salad spiked with scallions?The glow of a late-summer sunset floodsContinue reading “A Food Lover’s Tour of Istanbul”

Istiklal Avenue – Istanbul Turkey

It’s 2007.  This is my 2nd visit to the amazing city of Istanbul. I figure this is the time I’ll get to check out “that street” I wondered about since my first visit in 2005. I’ve learned “that street” is called İstiklâl Caddesi, or Independence Avenue, and located in the district of Istanbul known as Beyoğlu. (To me, Beyoğlu translates from Turkish to English as…”funContinue reading “Istiklal Avenue – Istanbul Turkey”

How a Love Affair (with a Country) starts…

Written by World Travel Warehouse on Oct 20, 2005Cruises.  Ports of Call. Suliemaniye Mosque and Galata Bridge You arrive…in town for a quicky…off a cruise ship. // Video arriving on the cruise ship (it was raining) In Istanbul, you’re given 24 hours to check out this new port, which is one of maybe 10 different ports ofContinue reading “How a Love Affair (with a Country) starts…”